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2013 Press/Reviews

‘Since Carried by Waves released their debut ‘Softly Held Together’, we have been transfixed and addicted to every note on the record. So it was with much excitement, we made our way over to the awe-inspiring Music Maker stage to catch one of our Top 10 Plec Picks. Upon arrival, we could see that many other punters were as excited as we were for the set to begin. From the first note to the very last, Carried by Waves never failed to impress as their set ran through sublime atmospheric collages of sound and then dipped and dived through direct and edgy synth layers. The only bad thing we can begin to say is that they don’t play enough on the gig circuit for us to really get to grips with their live sound. Get the album, buy the tickets; go and see Carried by Waves as soon as possible.’ Ros Madigan, GoldenPlec

‘The Carried By Waves name was thrown about quite frequently in 2012, but for all the kudos he earned over the past 12 months, the mysterious Corkonian at its helm still hasn’t revealed his identity. With debut album Softly Held Together charming a new legion of fans and support slots with RSAG, Squarehead and Le Galaxie taking the Carried By Waves sound up and down the country, it doesn’t look like he’ll need to, either. Typified by infectious, electronically-spliced melodies and echoey, doctored vocals, these deliciously bold and cinematic numbers have attracted contracts with New York-based music licensing company MuseIQ and Vienna-based record label AUDIO:KULT’ Hotpress

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2012 Press/Reviews

“Carried By Waves’ ‘Softly Held Together’ is without question one of the finest debut
albums of 2012… many, many people are going to fall in love with this.” “If you haven’t
come across his beautifully crafted tunes, treat yourself, and prepare to be swept into
their beauty and imagery.”….. Dan featured ‘Softly Held Together’ as his ‘album of the
week’ Dan Hegarty, 2FM

“There’s something totally beguiling about the musical musings of Carried By Waves,
particularly the electronically doctored vocal of its mysterious conductor. Hot Press was
front-row centre for one of the very first Carried By Waves live shows at last October’s
Hard Working Class Heroes festival, and we can confirm that it was a dreamy, astral
treat.” Hot Press

“Beautifully lush electronics are met with smooth vocal melodies throughout the
Carried By Waves listening experience…. As a starting point check out the sublime
track, ‘Haphazardly Amorous‘, and then proceed to delve further into the brilliance.’
Believe In Sound

‘Carried By Waves’ songs are textured, layered and engrossing..They concoct a set of
sounds that verge on euphoria. Close your eyes and Carried By Waves takes you into a
dream, one that is over far too quickly.’ We Are Noise

‘Carried By Waves’ debut album clocks in at 10 songs and under 40 mins long. But
there’s so much to uncover and get excited by. ‘Sleepless’ is a pop tune that comes
with all the aspirations of a chart hit,…. ‘Lights/Climbing Trees’ sounds like something
that might inspire the Postal Service to record new music, while the gentle sway
of ‘Aviatophobia/Carried In Your Palm’ gives way to an uplifting crescendo. Softly Held
Together is one of those albums that, just when you’ve got the songs figured out, they
take you by surprise. A prime example is the chilled ‘Stranger Talk’ which hits you with
such power just as you might be drifting off. “Softly Held Together” sounds fantastic.’
The Point Of Everything

‘Sticking with beautifully crafted electronic textures are Irish group Carried By Waves,
whose new album ‘Softly Held Together’ is an experimental form of electro-pop that’s
both innovative and accessible, creating a mash of different ambient, chopped up
digital and organic sounds, as heard on ‘Lights/Climbing Trees.’ The Sound Of

‘Electronic based music works best when it is emotive, eliciting a visceral response
before the cerebral revs even realise they are in the red. The uplifting and celebratory
make you want to move while the musing and wistful transport you from the moment.
And so we have the very fine debut album Softly Held Together by Carried By Waves
which does both. The Cork based artist marries gorgeous synths that swirl and surge
to dreamy vocals that float airborne over organic grooves. The masterstroke is the
blend of the electronic and the real, lending the music an overall vitality and humanity.
The ethereal violin on album opener For The Absent counterpoints the tracks bassy
bounce, and the gentle guitar strum outro to Growing Up Together/We Go Together is
a velvet landing from the preceding crunchy beats. The celestial vocals on the soaring
and shimmering Sleepless are propelled by snappy drum breaks and electronic pulses,
like the entire album it chimes with an understated majesty and is as evocative and
replete as anything by M83. Richly textured and perfectly paced, this music ebbs and
flows, swelling and breaking at just the right moment, that is, not when you expect it to.
Wrap your ears around this album and sooth your sonic receptors, take the trip and let
it wash all over you. Be… Carried By Waves.’ The Needle Hits The Groove

‘Atmospheric, glitchy electronica…finely crafted” by The Metaphorical Boat

“Wonderful electronic pop music… fantastic… Gorgeous” by Swear Im Not Paul


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