Oblique Strategies

Found myself in a bit of a creative cul de sac on a couple of occasions this week, with both the ‘Carried By Waves’ & ‘Foxglove’ album projects (as is part of the music making process… now and again). So more than a few times I reached for my good friend the “Oblique Strategies” app. An Android app based on the legendary set of creative strategy cards that the amazing Brian Eno conceived while working with David Bowie in Berlin. In my experience they do work! And they’ve pulled me out of a few creative scrapes this week. So highly recommended!

The main focus for the ‘Carried By Waves’ album 2 project over the past few days has been sifting through some of the tracks that didn’t make the cut for ‘Softly Held Together’ and seeing what was there that could be developed. There’s definitely a few so far that still have some potential. Also, it’s great to come back to the these ideas after such a long time away from them, as I find it allows me to view them more objectively… which is always good!  Also, I’ve have started compiling the initial shortlist for the second album, which I’m sure will be subjected to a lot of substitutions and shuffles over the coming months. 



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