MRU Awards Finalist & Gigs News

Just on the way back from Dublin after 2 very fun shows. Thanks to ‘Music Maker’ and ‘The Hard Rock Cafe’ for Thursday’s show and a huge thanks to ‘Little Xs For Eyes’ for yesterday at ‘The Workman’s’. Seriously fun times were had and some great memories collected.

In other news, chuffed that ‘Carried By Waves’ has been shortlisted for the MRU awards in the category of best electronic act Finalist for the 2012 MRU Music Awards
. Thanks for that guys!

The rest of this week will be album number 2 work time once again. Taking a breather from live shows for a while to concentrate on the new songs. Hoping to get some new microphones and other studio bits and bobs that will hopefully give this album some new colours. Also on the hunt for interesting rooms for recording and some new instruments as well. Looking forward to getting stuck in and hopefully taking things into unexplored territories sound-wise.


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