American Ski Resort Promo, MRU Blog 5 Star Review & Other News

So some interesting developments in the camp this week! Firstly, delighted that “Big Sky Ski Resort” in Montana U.S.A. decided to use the ‘Carried By Waves’ track ‘Growing Up Together’ (taken from the ‘Softly Held Together’ album – free download from as the music for their “Thanksgiving – Open Day” promo video. Thanks to those guys for that. You can have a look at the short video here…

Also, big thanks to online music bloggers “Music Review Unsigned” for their highly complimentary 5 Star review of ‘Softly Held Together‘.. Have a read HERE

In other news, work on the second album started to gain a little momentum this week! Have close to about 40 song ideas that I’m currently working off (11 of which will eventually be selected for the final cut!). So I spent this week trying to flesh some of those ideas out to get a clearer idea of the direction they’re heading in. This mainly consisted of guitar, bass, and vocal experiments/editing… which is always fun! Some nice melodic patterns and rhythmic structures beginning to emerge from the mist! Hopefully the overall song structures will also develop further in the coming weeks. Definitely a different feel and approach to this album seems to be on the cards. More of an organic influence for sure!


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