Album Release Summary

It’s been over a month now since CARRIED BY WAVES released the debut album ‘Softly Held Together’ for FREE DOWNLOAD (get your copy here…, and things have been going swimmingly so far! The press has been considerable both nationally and internationally (see ‘Press’ tab), and very complimentary…

So thanks to all you guys for the kind words. As a result of this press and the national radio play ( special thanks to Dan Hegarty and Jenny Huston at 2FM & Cathal Funge at Phantom FM on that front) the downloads have been coming thick and fast… Which is nice! To those of you that downloaded the album, huge thanks and I hope you’re enjoying the tunes : )

Looking ahead, many gigs are in the pipeline (dates and venue TBA very soon), including an appearance at ‘Hard Working Class Heroes’ for a second consecutive year! : ) .. Also doing some production work and hopefully a few remixes for some friends, as well as getting the wheels turning for album number 2! Watch this space : )


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